About Us

In 1920 our grandfather Mr. Jacob custom writing Siniora established the first meat processing factory in “Qatamon-Jerusalem” who became famous and expert in meat processing and Manufacturing, regarding its secret recipes and great taste under the name “SINIORA”. In 2007 all shares of Siniora family and the trade mark “SINIORA” were sold.

In 2009 the fourth generation of Siniora family dissertationforme.com established the Farmer Jacob Food Industries Co. Ltd. under the trade mark “Farmer Jack” which has more than 40 items available in different sizes.

Farmer Jacob use the most advanced methods and techniques of meat production.

Farmer Jacob use a unique recipe which differentiate its products and give them the original taste.


Mission Statement:

Farmer Jacob’s mission is to give our customers the original taste and flavor of Mortadella & Luncheon Meat by implementing the Palestinian standards system on all procedures using the most advanced techniques of production. 


Farmer Jacob aims to be the leader in meat processing through its secret methods and recipes. We strive for our products to be within the reach of all householders across the Middle East.


Core issues:

Trust: we will always be with our customer’s interest.

Commitment: we are committed to our economy, community and customers.

Passion for winning: To contribute in research and development of meat industries in

the Middle East through producing high quality productions and services in order to contribute

to the growth of the local economy and welfare of Palestine.

Transparency: open and clear communication environment, which builds strong

relations with all stakeholders.

Excellence: We look foreword to delivering a professional and a high class products and



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